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Become a Coach

Like a sports team, our bioInnovate teams greatly benefit from the experience and knowledge of a coach. Our design coaches are industry trained engineers with design experience and familiarity with team interactions. Each team is assigned a bioInnovate coach who provides guidance and insight during the two semester design process.

Coaching these teams requires commitment, availability and a willingness to teach - it's quite different from being the team leader or manager. While the student teams collaborate with clinicians and faculty, coaches play a key role in streamlining team interactions and providing real world technical insight in product design and development to guide the teams towards their project goals. All of our design coaches are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, learn our Design Control SOPs and commit to both Spring and Fall semesters. The time commitment is typically 1-2 hours per week.

If you'd like to become a Utah bioInnovate coach and would like more information, contact Bob Hitchcock – r.hitchcock@utah.edu