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Become a Partner

In order for the bioInnovate graduate student teams to develop and test their prototype designs they require access to a variety of medical device suppliers and services. Our bioInnovate partners are companies that have a proven track record of providing goods and services to the medical device industry. The partners work with the student teams to answer questions, provide insight and supply solutions based on the needs of each project.

One of the challenges that student teams face is identifying and communicating with industry suppliers. Our partners simplify this challenge by listening, becoming involved and providing solutions. Occasionally our partners provide materials or components that are out of spec or overruns for no charge but in most cases we pay for these goods and services. Students are encouraged to work with bioInnovate partners and these companies are promoted in the program website, booklets and brochures.

If your company is interested in becoming an industrial partner for our graduate bioInnovate track contact Bob Hitchcock r.hitchcock@utah.edu.